Wednesday, August 31, 2005

vacation time

looking forward to riding the train to seattle to visit with my beautiful sister and neice. visiting seattle is fantastic; i love this emerald city. can't wait to window shop and stroll arm in arm with belkis. if i can keep up with her- she's a speed walker even uphill. plan on going to at least one lys and i think it will be the tricoter. perhaps we'll be able to go salsa dancing:)
whatever we do we will definitely have fun and laugh a great deal. we can practically read each other's minds. i have 1/3 of the branching scarf done and tomorrow i will be starting remains of the day for knit the classics; will want to pick out a new pattern to knit too. so much to do, so little time.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

van gogh and his adoring sunflowers

after much vexing i made a few rows of the branching out scarf & i am so happy that with a little persistence and a change in fiber and size of needle that i will be able to finish this scarf. i am delighted. my next one will be of finer fiber. i've been spurcing up the abode. flowers every pay day; a cake to eat with tea... these are a few my favorite things. can't wait to see a very long engagement; the actress from amelie and the director from same have worked their magic on this new film and i've waited a whole year to see it! such happiness.

yea! finally the branching out scarf