Tuesday, December 12, 2006

choices & more

after reading yet another view of marie antoinette i have
decided that she was given a raw deal; she was after all born
into an ingeniously wealthy family whose take on honor was
at the expense of individualism. marie seems as a high
spirited if not some what innocent martyr. she was used as
a scapegoat not just by her family but, also by the people of
france. it was an exordinary take on her ability to put herself
on the line for the sake "of the people." that she was spoiled &
wasteful; we will never really know- after all she married into
a family that had already used up the coffers long before she
arrived. i love her spirit, her sense of loyalty & admire her for
all the personal sacrifices she made in order to fit into a society that never understood nor embraced her.