Friday, October 28, 2005

at last!

after tossing & turning for the most of the night i was so delighted when i heard the phone ring & it was my mom. whewwww... my bf had called again this morning on his cell to see if the landlines were working. in times of stress it's good to have angels in our lives who are here to guide & comfort us. mom said most people still have no electricity. the main reason why she ended up with both phone service & electricity is because she is a heart patient. otherwise, she would be waiting. what a relief! on a happier note i have finally finished the altered halter & must block it. i am still plugging along on the fishtail lace scarf. life is good :)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

what a day!

i've been trying hard to be distracted as i have had some challenges the last couple of days;
just everyday stuff that doesn't necessarily happen everyday! waiting to see
if my mom in miami has survived wilma; she is a heart patient and stayed at home while the storm came through. i spent most of the day on the phone calling one place after another trying
to contact someone to check on her. after much dismay i must go to my local police department and ask for a welfare check to be sent teletype before the local law enforecement in miami can go out to check to see if she is there. i am full of hope and uncertainity all at the same time. i think not knowing can be more detoriating to the spirit than facing any challenge head on.
they say tomorrow will take care of itself.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

leap year baby

i was born 1/2 hour before lunch on thanksgiving day during a leap year. this year my birthday falls on thanksgiving day; i will definitely count my blessings since my hours at work for december are non-existent. in this high-tech world working seems to be a priviledge; even more so when you are under union rules: can't do this, can't do that. so, how will i pay my bills for december and january remains a mystery to me but i will press on find out how to make ends meet. find another job, you say. absolutely! however, this a small community full of over educated people serving coffee while paying for their student loans. it is a challenge :)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

born on a holiday

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books, books, books!

i have a fascination with trendy multi-colored items and i have some wonderful holiday gift ideas that i plan on making from these books. hanknit holidays has some great pieces; one for each of my girls to enjoy. this book is priceless. my lys has just relocated to a historical bldg. northwest yarns for all things for handknitters and spinners. their grand opening is the 1st week in November and i am stoked!

waiting for winter

we've had a few days of sunshine and a few more of rain. i never realized how many different kinds of rain there are! misty rain, sideways rain, large drops enough to create a deluge, drizzling rain. however i look at it, it all requires a way for me not to get soaked while i wait for the bus. self opening umbrellas are the best yet mine has taken a new form as it has projectiled it's handle and now looks like a weapon without the handle. still, it does a good job keeping my head dry, it still opens at the command of a button. i haven't had the heart to replace my umbrella. when i get a new one it will be bright & beautiful. i will be proud to own it. i am now 1/2 way done with my fishtail lace shawl made out of the gorgeous mohair my sp sent and i need to complete the back of my altered halter. i feel so self satisfied when i am close to finishing projects. must sneak way now to knit, knit, knit!