Saturday, October 01, 2005

the fable of the mermaid & the drunks

all those men were there inside when she cam in totally naked. they had been drinking: they began to spit. newly come form the river, she knew nothing. she was a mermaid who had lost her way. the insults flowed down her gleaming flesh. obscentites drowned her golden breasts. not knowing tears, she did weep. not knowing clothes, she had none. they pocked her with burnt corks and cigarette stubs and rolled around on the floor in racous laughter. she did not speak, she had no speech. her eyes were the color of faraway love. her arms were white topaz. her lips moved silent, in a coral light, suddenly she went out by that door. entering the river she was instantly cleansed, shining like a wet stone in the rain and without looking back she swam out again. swam towards emptiness, swam towards her death.

pablo neruda

oh great joy!

here are my gifties from my secret pal; wrapped in lovely tissue and then viola 2 skeins of fusion mohair, my absolutely fav book stitch'n bitch and some great hello kitty stickers in japanese costumes! i have already found a great shawl pattern to make with the fusion yarn and i really love the devil pants pattern for my grand daughter. i am happy to have such a great secret pal. :) i'll be busy this weekend knitting and catching up on sex and the city: seasons 2 & 3. life is good!

Friday, September 30, 2005

knitwear galore!!

quinte scrapbook by mission falls 1824 has been one of my favorite pattern books for a few years i finally feel confident enought to indulge myself into the spirit of dressing-up in semi-period inspired outer wear. i was afraid that i couldn't find it any longer and while browsing a search i found it at how delightful; but really how fast can i knit! so much i want to do- i need to be a speed knitter. that's ok though cuz it looks like it may be a loonngggg winter again. so, happiness that i have some interests and am not a complete couch potato :) not that i mind luxurious lounging, mind you it's just that i have a need to make something while i do so ;) between this sweet kente coat or the wistful swing coat i will have plenty to look forward to. silly me, i plan on making a nice shawl with the great fall colored fusion yarn my secret pal sent me. i looked at the fiber and realized it's meant for lace! thank you :)

oh, happy day!

just wanted to post a hello and a big thank you to my secret pal! i loved the multi-colored fusion yarn; great fall colors :) the hello kitty stickers are so sweet- how did you know i love all things japanese?! and my all time favorite book stitch 'n bitch nation!! you are awesome, secret pal. i plan on posting photos of all my great stuff as soon as i figure out my new digital i received via mail a few days ago; the company was to repair my old camera but instead sent an entirely different, newer version. i am so lucky to be the recipient of great generosity from my secret pal and will post photos soon. i also plan on getting started straight away on a hat with the fusion yarn. thanks again, secret pal and have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

spirit of aloha

this is one of my favorite oil paintings by lori she has an amazing way with color and light. she has a website: that has much more to fall in love with. one day i plan on owning a copy of this fantastic painting. this was reproduced by island art cards located in haiku, maui.
meanwhile, i'll have to say i miss maui and island life. it seems to happen right before winter sets in. ahhh, i will be able to think more clearly after a cup o' starbucks! i plan on having an aloha day :)