Saturday, January 07, 2006

SP 7 Questionnaire

1. i like all kinds of yarn as long the fiber is soft & not scratchy. lion brand
good but, i am not fond of red heart. 2. i do crochet but, i don't spin.
3. i store my needles in a silk needle holder for my straight needles. however,
i don't have anything to store my circular needles. 4. i've been knitting for 6 yrs.
my skill level is between beginner & intermediate. 5. i do have an amazon wishlist; i am listed as and a froogle wishlist under my profile it also has me listed as
6. my fav scents mandarin orange, brown sugar & fig for body. any scent for the house. 7. i love dark choclate, milk chocolate. 8. i love all kinds of crafts: cross stitch, jewelry making, washi kits, macrame, crochet, sewing etc.
9. i love hip hop, jazz, salsa, r&b most anything not too fond of country. my computer plays mp3's. 10. favorite color/s: pinks, purples and fall colors.
11. i have 3 grandchildren, two adult children, fish & a cat. 12. i do wear scarves, hats, mittens & sometimes ponchos. 13. i love soft fibers: angora, mohair and cotton blends. 14. current knitting obsession: shrugs! 15. favorite item to knit quick knit items. 16. i am currently knitting a lace shawl. 17. i love hand made gifts!
18. i like both straight & circular needles. 19. i really prefer wood needles over
metal & plastic is ok too. 20. i don't own a yarn winder or a swift.
21. i taught myself to knit by using library books. 22. my oldest ufo is 3 mos. old
23. my fav animated character: hello kitty, hands down. 24. my favorite holiday is christmas 25. i collect small boyd's bears. 26. i work at a library so i usually try to check out magazines either at the local newstand or at work; i haven't any subscriptions. 27. i would love to have a copy of loop d loop by: teva durham or handknit holidays by: melanie fallick pattern book: mission falls quinte scrapbook by: mags kandis 28.i would love to learn more lace techniques.
29. i haven't ventured to knit socks. my shoe size is 10. 30. my birthdate: 11/24.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

mad, hot ballroom

i absolutely love this movie; the music, the kids and the storyline were
fantastic. i wish there were more movies like this out there! my parents
taught me & my siblings to dance with a freedom subjected to hip swaying
merengue or salsa. they were big into samba & swing. they just loved to
dance and for that i am indebted to them. i passed that love on to my kids
as they have onto theirs. i think dance allows you a self assurance that
can shine through out your life.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

as the year of the rooster closes...

wanted to actively ring in the new year!
i am excited as i have many new things
that i am going to do. looking forward
to all new things in my life...