Thursday, October 20, 2005

faeries & koi

today was a busy day for me. lots of errands; a hunt for educational toys for the grandkids. after some california rolls for lunch i went to fairhaven park with my daughter & bella. we saw a man on a powerizer. a most amazing device; looks rather sci-fi'ish and fun. bella was more intrigued with the girls rolling down the hill and was happy watching them roll down and then immediately they would run back up the hill to do it all over again. today was also a faerie day. while window shopping i saw a beautiful book called faeriedust and the egg. then while at the park i almost walked into a faerie ring! i thought this must be a sign of good fortune. we decided to end the day with a bubble tea from our fav cafe the koi cafe. it's sweet place with high ceilings, wood floors, an exotic flower shop next door and decor is all koi- koi in glass, koi in wood and their 100 gallon tank is full of multi-colored koi. as i have a fascination with carp i am instantly transported to contentment & peace. koi are sign of prosperity!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

blue c sushi in fremont!!

had a great & lively weekend with the family. my daughter took me to sushi at a great place that has a conveyer belt; you just pull off what you want, the plates are different colors for the different prices. it was tres delicioso! afterwards we went to uwajimaya for honeymoon bubble tea in peach. window shopping is always at it's best here for me. hello kitty, chocolate moshi, red miso soup and tantalizing delicacies at every turn. i love seattle for daytrips. we walked and walked and walked. life can't get any better... i am content...