Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My SP 14 Reveal

I have been such a lucky duck with my SP and my Coffee and Chocolate
Swap partners. My SP is the lovely Mary Graham from England and here's
some beautiful wool and silk blend that she made just for me!! I so
loved everything you chose Mary; you have been so awesomely generous
too. I am blessed! Thank you so much for all the gifts and I am using
my little stock card journal: my first poem and doodle in over a year
so I chose "Forgive" as my word of inspiration. I will post more pics
soon! Big Hug to Mary and Sherri my sisters in Creativity.

Coffee and Chocolate swap

The awesome Sherri of queenofcheese from a swap hosted by Ravelry has
generously gifted me my favorite things in the world. Hello Kitty mini
notebooks, pen and pencil set (also Hello Kitty), 2 new knit zines which
I had been eyeballing at my LYS, 2 skeins of Panda Palace in Stained Glass,
2 skeins in Ketchup, one skein of Lana Grossa in blue, a set of Red Currant
candles (they smell so divine), mini pen & pad set, a regular sz pad, Numi
Golden Chai Tea, Cherricup Ceylon tea, also by Tea Lady a Xanadu Chai,
some yummy organic Dharma Beans coffee, several types of chocolate (not in pic
I ate them straight away) :) a cute little box, an instant Starbucks coffee
which really tastes exactly like brewed Starbucks, several sheets of scrap
booking paper (which I have already started to use), some honey sticks, and
something that I had been looking for for a long time Mission Falls Quinte
Scrapbook: there's a sweater in there that I have wanted to make and thank
you so much Sherri!! It feels like my BDay and Christmas all rolled into