Friday, July 28, 2006

things i have done

1. tubing down river
2. camped out on a secluded island
3. hitchhiked across country
4. danced til dawn (most of my young years)
5. rv'd across the states and canada
6. lived overseas for 6 years
7. lived on maui with a hawaiian family of hula dancers
8. sailed in the gulf of mexico
9. swam with a pod of dolphins
10. stayed at celebrity's house
11. swam by moonlight
12. saw the sunset on the pier in key west
13. stayed in a haunted house in queen anne, seattle,wa
14. fished off of a ricktey wood bridge in destin,florida (a long time ago)_
15. took my granddaughter to the immensely beautiful aquarium on maui
16. attended a luau hosted by my hula dancer roommates
17. did karoke, sushi and saki all in one night
18. fell backwards off of a 7 hand horse while riding doubles
19. had my fourtune told at the bottom of the teacup in new orleans
20. slept in the desert under the stars
21. slept on a flat roof in miami under the stars
22. sailed around miami bay at night
23. won tickets to a conference via a radio station on maui
24. have had several poems published