Wednesday, August 01, 2007


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More from the Volunteer Park
Conservatory. This beautiful
variety of Hollyhocks is called
Indian Spring. Indulged in some
seeds to plant for next spring.
I am so excited about visiting the
conservatory; there were so many
striking varities of plants.

At Sunset

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I love the view from my little apt.
and there are many reasons
why; this catamaran is way
out in the distance. sigh...


Good design
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This great design was done by a
young girl at the Seattle Bites. It
comes from Mehndi Madness; check
out their website as they have great
selection of designs for sale.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Where I want to Be

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Loverly Maui... Hope to visit during the Holidays
to see my sister, family & my son... Love the
ocean views... ahhhh, I can smell the salty

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mehndi inspires

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This pic comes from a Mehndi site that is
fantastic. During the Seattle Bites I had a
tatt done by some girls there doing henna.
I'll post pics soon of said tatt. I am wanting
to do my own tattoos with henna; top of the
hands having my highest vote. Most people
where I work look at it rather curiously & ask
if it is Henna. I love the exotic look & feel as
once it is on you can not touch it for up to 24
hours. Oh dear, nothing to do for 24 hours.
What a perfect excuse to stay sitting quietly for
a while...

Gotta LOve it

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Crusining through the coffee aisle I looked up to see
this great coffee label with Jimi on it; gotta love folks
who have good taste. The flavors are just as creative;
Kiss the Sky & Hey Joe among others sound divine.
Next coffe purchase for me will definitely be this label.