Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday afternoons

BF & I are sitting and choosing scents from a perfume kit my sister gave me.
It's awesome to sit together and build something in time & the aroma
with it. I picked out a base scent & 5 other oils & he deicded how
to combine them. It is sweet & delicious. We're doing an olfactory orgy!!
We call it Dragonfly; it reminds me of sweet meadows, sunlight, daisies
and local violets. Ahhhh, Summertime!

Blue Pool

EE by knittergurl56
EE, a photo by knittergurl56 on Flickr.

Loved this little place my son showed us for an afternoon of hiking and swimming!

New gardening gloves!

BF bought these way cool & chic gardening gloves from a neighborhood
craft sale. What a find!!

My favorite painter Liudmila Kondakova

I can imagine all the wonders of Paris and the idea of dining al fresco
and having the passion of the magnificent city in the background is more
than I can bare. Knitting on the West Bank at Sunset. What a fab Idea!