Saturday, December 23, 2006

ho ho ho!
this is the first holiday season where i can focus on the true meaning
of the season. i have been blessed with so much that i want to say i am
content beyond belief. new year will hold so many new possibilities
& i am certain that there is so much more to love. wishing all a very
delightful & happiest of seasons; smile, you are alive!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Holidays!
i am so done with the two blankets: boats for cameron from debbie macomber's
shop on blossom street. i am excited at how they turned out; i changed a few
things & they came out better that what i had thought they would. since they
are for my 2 youngest grandkids i hope that they will have a life time of use.
there will be pics posted after the holidays. after the holidays i plan on making
a great knitted skirt out of the big girl knits bk. i just love the cable & pocket
on this skirt. i will need to do a little adjusting of the pattern as i'll need it to
be a little smaller than the pattern. still, i am so elated to knit a skirt.