Friday, November 25, 2005

a day of relaxing

just an easy day of coffee drinking and watching the snow... have my heart set on finishing a few holiday presents but am in dire need of a small change in the daily rountine so i've checked these 2 great books for companionship today. i love historical fiction and marie's hidden diary is pretty intriguing. she never was apologetic about who she was or where she came from... what else could she do?

birthday celebrations!

had alot of fun today! dozen sunset roses from a good friend, a necklace from my sis, a beautiful nao girl from my daughter, chocolate liquer from my bf matching coffee mug to drink from, and this new little edition came by with his furry, cute self. had a great birhtday/thanksgiving day spent with family. didn't get to work on my lei as i ended up playing with my grandkids; they are active and creative :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

birthday eve & thanksgiving

what a wonderful life we have. we seem to have a holiday for almost every month in the year. i love holidays- the celebration of life, reaffirmation with family & friends of our joys & sorrows. i absolutely love people watching during those moments when we relive our childhoods by telling our individual stories that become the gossmar thread in the web of life. another more creative note i intend on making a lei out of silk & fun fiber. i picked up the book on maui and have made a few but never one for myself. so tomorrow for my birthday i will spend the day carrying my lei making items with me & see what comes out. a birthday lei for two celebrations. i hope to learn some creative tips too from by bf's daughter who's 14. she has quite an amazingly creative blog. i was intimidated. so i plan on asking for her help!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

almost done with the cotton candy poncho for taylor. i have a few other small projects i have that i would like to make for family members. made some great goat's milk soap in molds that have kanji symbols for eternity, love, happiness and tranquilty in white. next batch will be rose colored with orange scent. i usually like to buy a few educational toys for the kids and make something for them to wear or use. it's exciting this time or year!