Saturday, October 08, 2005

stitch markers

i love saturdays! i get to spend time with my daughter & granddaughter. today i had time to go to shops that i don't frequent during the week. it's fun to go window shopping especially now during october. i saw the greatest little house all fringed with spiderwebs and goblins, pumpkins in the yard; bedecked for haunting! once i returned to my little sanctuary i managed to make a several stitch markers- some for me & some for my sp6 spoilee. the photo isn't the best but, believe me the lighting at night doesn't do much to help me. this was one out of ten i had taken. watched maria full of grace while i did this... what a challenge to want a good life & force yourself do something out of character from shear desperation... i am blessed!

Friday, October 07, 2005

wondeful, fuzzy mohair

i am so happy; i found a pattern that gives the vibrant colors of this fiber the perfect texture as background. it is for moi. .. i hardly ever keep what i make so this is the exception. i can't wait to wrap this around my head and neck against the blustery winds of the great northwest. 3 cheers to my secret pal for encouraging me to utilize a new technique and the wonderous fiber to do it with.

home sweet home, south beach, miami

my, my, my what a perfect day captured by my daughter of my old home. i must say i remember how hot it gets with no where to hide! still, the beach anywhere in the world is the place for me. my mohair project is now in the beginning stages of a fishtail scarf and i really appreciate the delicacy of this fiber. i knit rather tightly so this is a invaluable lesson in taking it easy and loosely. it is my first in lace technique so i am very determined to accomplish and finish this project. i'm listening to calle 54; for all the music in the world, the sweetest to me is latin jazz/fusion. i miss my culture and know that someday soon i will take a trip to my homeland to bask in the tropical sun.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

the real meaning of sutra

as i was searching today to see how people may find my blog for viewing i noticed that the first line reads, "please contact if there's objectionable material" i chose to ignore this statement for my true purpose in using sutra as part of my blog name has nothing to do with the kama sutra. indeed, my intent is enlightenment in this world for i am only here for a short while. sutra is a proverbial chant to obtain that state of enlightenment. too often we as a society get stuck in meaning and not intent. i just feel better knowing that in an age where we are free to do as we please within legal limitations, that we are still censored in one way or the other. anyone who knows me will vouch while i am not a prudish person i have high standards of conduct for myself. what a joke! objectionable material... just turn the boob-tube on and you will definitely see objectionable material at every turn. all things said i am happy to be here, in this time frame.

Monday, October 03, 2005

hurrah for mohair!

started a lacy shawl with the mohair that my secret pal sent. it is divine to knit with. i've not used this type of fiber before and had felt a little intimidated. however, it is so easy to knit with and soft. it;'s going to be a pleasure to finish it and wear it. i know you can't see the lace affect; as soon as i figure out all the functions of my new camera the photos of my shawl will do the fiber justice. today, is a big day! i go for an interview for a most wanted job and not just by me. the competition is pretty tough. i plan on doing alot of deep breathing :) and some singing before i get there.