Friday, July 20, 2007

Persnickity Design

Love my new bag from a talented, hard-working
gal based out of Bellingham
Check out her website.

Beauty Bar

Last week end we (girlfriend & daughter)
went to the fabulous NightLight Lounge
where we were indulged in a night of
free manicures, eye lash extensions, up-sweeps,
make-up & give aways. It was so much fun...
Even had a hand parafin dip; talk about hot &
torturous! Yikes... What most women do to
look good; fun, yes-- something that I would
do daily-no, no, no...

Cotton Lace Skirt

This lovely skirt pattern is from
Greetings Knit Cafe. I am using a
cotton blend gifted to me by former
SP from purlnecklace blog. It is from
Debbie Bliss & easy to knit. I'm on the
second lace panel for the bottom. Should be an
easy knit to finish. Can't wait to wear it...