Friday, November 04, 2005


henna tatoos are so intriguing. i love the repetitive design; scrolls, leaves, flowers. i have this urge to do a henna design since i'm not working i can sit and enjoy doing the design myself. can't wait to try to make this design around my foot/ankle.

in the beginning..

i sometimes wonder if eve had the same kind of problems getting adam to understand her as most women have with men today. that said, if we (women) were taken from adam's rib how can we be so far removed from men when it comes to communication? it is the plague of our century... epidemics, pandemics are mere tools of our "world" in keeping a balance in this living system we call mother earth. in essence it is such a dilemma, this difference between the sexes.
still i am hopeful that the sweetness between the sexes can cover a multitude of misunderstandinsgs between men & women, men & men, women & women...please hold all
complications. my poor fishtail scarf! i was 2/3's finished when i noticed that the scarf had started to grow somewhere in the middle therefore fatter than the rest. i had to rip out 30 rows... boo hoo... however, no amount of blocking would have been able to cover-up that mistake.

Monday, October 31, 2005

now that's a pair of socks!

i would love to make these socks from this incredible book!!


tell me quando, quando, quando! hottie micahel buble has made me re-exam the brat pack music. he sings smoothly.
i am convinced he is more than a crooner; he feels that
time of innocence and romance. even more so on his come fly with me cd/dvd he says to the camera, "i believe if i work very hard that i can take this world to a different time." he certainly does. he is popular worldwide. he's from burnaby, vancouver, bc. just over the border from where i live. wow, i am impressed...(sigh) must add him to my cd collection.

Happy Halloween!

it is just chilly enough to go running through the fall leaves on your way door to door for treats! my grandkids are on their way over to show me their costumes: taylor is stephanie from lazy town; stripped pink & purple dress i made w/white piping, a pink wig. jaiden is spiderman- his most favorite character besides spongebob. bella is this little devil just like the hello kitty on this post! it is good to see them excited! they plan on attending a costume party forgoing the door to door excitement. they are so cute! can't wait to take their photos :)