Thursday, September 08, 2005

i have the greatest confidence that the crescent city will be rebuilt to it's zenith. i love new orleans and all it's southern charms.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

first fall pumpkin spice latte

i realized that i have 3 ufo's in the knit but no fear- i am almost finished with all 3 just a few more hrs. on each project. then i will have a funfur scarf in blk:) a red halter, and the branching out scarf in turquoise. lucky me!

Monday, September 05, 2005

yarn stash from so much yarn

i wanted to make another branching out scarf in a finger lace fiber and so i chose a merino lace wool in burgundy. i also plan on crocheting the yoke of a dress for bella in the purple cotton. i had a hard time leaving with only these two items; this store has a great flow and a male clerk who was knitting! i loved it. it happens to be next door to one of my favorite clothing stores on 1st ave. (endless knot) also, i had seen some knitted boots with plastic soles at no less than nordstroms:) i would love to spend a whole day just looking at lys's in seattle.

branching out scarf almost finished:)

seattle was great! went window shopping and got fiber from so much yarn on 1st ave next to endless knot. we ate our way through seattle; spoiled silly. lots going on a mariner's vs yankees game on thursday, conversation about the travesty in new orleans, tourist riding the amphibian. the train ride was quiet on the way back north in comparison. it was good to people watch and spend time catching up with my sis.