Saturday, September 17, 2005

what a great idea!

this by far the greatest way to meet and share ideas and gifties. but, that is not all- i think that i learn more by checking out other knitting blogs and i also get a few chuckles since most people who blog are naturally able to reach out with a look at their "slice of life." my other obsession-reading. i now have another outlet to go beyond my normal genre of reading by joining knit the classics. it's fun to share ideas about what is being read as a group and everyone can get it done at their own pace. on another note, i miss my camera and have borrowed an older digital. i have to have images with the blog! otherwise, it seems dry and dull. received my first invoice on my consignment-yahoo! i even ventured into the boutique today and voila- there sat my bracelets and the necklaces were in a locked glass cabinet... ;) life is good.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

all good things..

come to those who wait...
i've like that saying, it gives me great motivation to be comfortably idle.
it works along with focus and doing my best every moment of everyday.
my jewelry's been consigned at a beautiful boutique downton and i've admired this store for so
long... i am in complete awe. it's like walking into a french domicile with lanterns lit and warm
colors to embrace you as you walk along the aisle each a vignette attribute of provencal. it so great to have people who are willing to support creativity. i am blessed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

so much to do, so little time

it has been undeniably busy in my life but with good outcomes. first my boyfriend's computer crashed, then my new digital camera died (which means no photos of my outings :( managed to work in knitting, jewelry making and went to the annual dahlia show over the wkend. just when i thought i had enough fun my work schedule has cut my days in half! yikes. smashed my fingers in a car door; to my horror this left my fav ring smashed beyond recognition but alas, no fear, my favorite jeweler fixed, polished and it looks better than when i bought it. life is good! am getting my things in order so i can do a consignment at my fav boutique and if that was not enough i want to learn the tango :)
i will be a happy camper this winter. also, last but not least is a knit out in october which i want to attend. they plan on having a dog fashion show along with lots of other free events. gotta love it!