Saturday, December 03, 2005

shout out to Karen, SP

a hug and a great big thank you to Karen of frog knits for spoiling me during sp6. i loved all the hello kitty stuff, the skeins of soft, soft wool and the luscious foot cream; it works way better than anything else i've tried. i am hooked on it- thanks for sharing that and everything else.
i fell in love with hello kitty while we lived in Japan shortly after hello kitty first came out. since then all the girls in my family have gotten hooked so it's something we all love to give & receive. Karen you have been a great inspiration to me with the great fiber intros; mohair is so awesome and i love the green of the skeins you've recently sent. it has been so much fun being part of SP6.

Friday, December 02, 2005

family ties

i greeted my daughter today on her return home from maui. my son and sister/family live there. they spent time enjoying conversations all inclusive of persuasive opinions now that they are all adults. the adult/child relationship takes a severe turn depending on the age of the individual where you no longer have to listen to others. it has been my pleasure to have adult children (what a term to set upon someone related who is now in their mid-20 something's) who have been able to freely express their opinions to me since they learned how to be cognizant of their feelings. they have always been real and honest with me; no tender withholding of information in order to spare my feelings! consequently, i have been able to let go of most negative situations. mostly, i feel blessed and compelled to believe that we must somehow choose the people in our lives in order to grow to be better beings. maui has also held a special spiritual quality for my family as we all love the peace we experience within whenever we go to the island. friends of friends, family - all indictative of ohana. a special word full of love and a place to be within a community. i hope to return one day; meanwhile i can dream of a little grass shack in hawaii.

Monday, November 28, 2005


it's been so hectic at home with taking care of fish, cat and now a puppy. it's been fun but crazy. buddha kitty has fast become friends with puppy even as to share his food. who would have thought. finished the little poncho and added button's to the doll sweater. i am now knitting wash cloths to go with the little bars of soap that have kanji symbols; will take photos later. must go and get ready for work.