Friday, October 13, 2006

just wanted to post that i found my wishlist via
please use as the address.
also, has changed it's look so i could not find
the shrug pattern that i got from joanne's. needless to say i'll
need to figure out how to download all my knitting photos.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

have recovered from a nice weekend of WALE fun. made some great new
friends & even took some time to knit. i'm currently making a shrug from
a paton's pattern; fast, easy & on big needles. some send posts to my
secret pal 9 spoilee & am looking forward to shopping for her gifties!
fall is full on in bham; leaves are crinkly, colors range from orange to
russet. my daughter & i had lunch together yesterday; we've decided that
the colors in autumn would make great hair dye. she's 27 & full of fun.
i am so blessed to have such wonderful relationships in my life. picked up
a copy of the happy hooker; want to crochet some for the holiday gifties.
still coveting loop d loop patterns. haven't ventured to pick out a pattern
yet! love life and am looking forward to more!