Saturday, August 13, 2005

burlington outing

had a great early day; did the chores, showered and ran for the bus. went to the mall for hair products and looked at shoes. cute or practical? i moved on. then my lovely daughter came by with bella and we went to burlington mall where i treated my self to hello kitty stuff and see's lollies. love the see's. they are sponsoring the king tut tour that is going around the country to different museums. to commemorate king tut they have chocalates boxes embossed with a beautiful gold, turquoise and coral photo of him. knitted several rows on the cherry red, altered halter. have the bottom skirt, right breast side done and am 8 rows into the left breast side. just the back; i think i want to do a corset feel to the back. must start the branching out scarf for knit the classics and find wives & daughters to read. will be finishing & blocking my pink & purple stripe purse this wkend. it feels so good to accomplish so much in one day. also, the opportunity to go from idea to product really motivates me.

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