Friday, September 30, 2005

knitwear galore!!

quinte scrapbook by mission falls 1824 has been one of my favorite pattern books for a few years i finally feel confident enought to indulge myself into the spirit of dressing-up in semi-period inspired outer wear. i was afraid that i couldn't find it any longer and while browsing a search i found it at how delightful; but really how fast can i knit! so much i want to do- i need to be a speed knitter. that's ok though cuz it looks like it may be a loonngggg winter again. so, happiness that i have some interests and am not a complete couch potato :) not that i mind luxurious lounging, mind you it's just that i have a need to make something while i do so ;) between this sweet kente coat or the wistful swing coat i will have plenty to look forward to. silly me, i plan on making a nice shawl with the great fall colored fusion yarn my secret pal sent me. i looked at the fiber and realized it's meant for lace! thank you :)