Sunday, September 18, 2005

oops, here's more for secret pal 6

21. are you a sock knitter? no, i find them too difficult to do. 22. how did you learn to knit? i taught myself. 23. how old is your oldest ufo? 2 months old.
24. what is your favorite animated character? Hello Kitty;) 25. what is your favorite holiday? Christmas! 26. Is there anything you collect? unusual beads, buddha statues (small), anything Hello Kitty. 27. What zines do you subscribe to? none, i work at a library- i do admire vogue knitting. 28. Are there any books you're dying to get your hands on? stitch n bitch nation. 29. Are there any patterns you've wanted but have not bought? no
30. foot measurement? i have big feet! sz 10 eta. what kind of socks do you like? anything light weight and warm, i like lace ribbing.


Becky said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about the scarf I received. Hope you are already having fun sith SP6! Seeing the your location in your "about me" profile made me smile. My grandmother was from the Birch Bay area and spent her last years with one of her daughters in Bellingham!

winged heart said...

hey becky,
thanks for the hello; i love this area- the air is fresh & clean, it's hardly ever hot and people are friendly. :)