Sunday, October 23, 2005

waiting for winter

we've had a few days of sunshine and a few more of rain. i never realized how many different kinds of rain there are! misty rain, sideways rain, large drops enough to create a deluge, drizzling rain. however i look at it, it all requires a way for me not to get soaked while i wait for the bus. self opening umbrellas are the best yet mine has taken a new form as it has projectiled it's handle and now looks like a weapon without the handle. still, it does a good job keeping my head dry, it still opens at the command of a button. i haven't had the heart to replace my umbrella. when i get a new one it will be bright & beautiful. i will be proud to own it. i am now 1/2 way done with my fishtail lace shawl made out of the gorgeous mohair my sp sent and i need to complete the back of my altered halter. i feel so self satisfied when i am close to finishing projects. must sneak way now to knit, knit, knit!

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