Wednesday, November 23, 2005

birthday eve & thanksgiving

what a wonderful life we have. we seem to have a holiday for almost every month in the year. i love holidays- the celebration of life, reaffirmation with family & friends of our joys & sorrows. i absolutely love people watching during those moments when we relive our childhoods by telling our individual stories that become the gossmar thread in the web of life. another more creative note i intend on making a lei out of silk & fun fiber. i picked up the book on maui and have made a few but never one for myself. so tomorrow for my birthday i will spend the day carrying my lei making items with me & see what comes out. a birthday lei for two celebrations. i hope to learn some creative tips too from by bf's daughter who's 14. she has quite an amazingly creative blog. i was intimidated. so i plan on asking for her help!

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