Thursday, November 17, 2005

knitting for the holidays

reading yarn harlot has really inspired me, made me laugh and finally i realized it okay to be fiber obessed. i have loved all kinds of crafts from needlework to washi kit making but, nothing is as satisfying as hand made items to wear. my daughter has always been a big supporter of any of my hand made items and had actually encouraged me to go out & share my creations. she loves hats so that's how i got hooked on knitting instead of crocheting. i do prefer the diversity of knitting; not only is the weight, texture & designs of knitting more versatile but, the quality is more appealing. not to put down crochet as i have made many different beautiful items greatly appreciated by the recipient. for me the challenge of creating yet another genuine
long lasting body wear is better suited by knitting. finished a twirly scarf in a light furry blend, am working on a cotton candy poncho for my granddaughter. so happy to have found a sewing tin to put all my needles & spools of thread. mary englebreit is one of my favorite artist. she loves childhood and has a great sense of humor & good values to impart in her art. my tins says, "laugh yourself into stitches." by shakespeare believe it or not.

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