Tuesday, December 06, 2005

love this time of year

it's so great to have a craft that can be utilized in all kinds of way. my family has been good about not giving me grief about my "granny hobby." they usually smile when they see me bring my knitting bag to events to fill in the time in-between this and that. it's been slow going on projects for the family; mainly, deciding what to make and for whom. as i get inspired i immediately get started and commit so i won't change my mind. finished one of the many initial washcloths to go along with the kanji soap. it was fun to mix and match the batches of soap. i used honey and goat's milk. decided to add a few more flowers to my granddaughter's poncho- her american girl doll will also have a poncho as she will be getting one from santa. so they will match. am on my second curly scarf and i hope i have time to make a kimono style sweater for my isabelle. soon will be putting up more greenery to counter all the lights my bf has put up. the blinking of red and blue soften the living room at night. it has snowed on & off so the light falling snow has created a softness all around.

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