Saturday, January 21, 2006

life as a gift

i remember my first love as he was a fantastically insightful person and a twin.
the two brothers were as different as night & day. we met when i was 10 and soon after i terrorized him as show of my affection. i was such a tomboy; nothing daunted my admiration for my friend; he was 3 yrs. older and had many other girls who admired him as well. we remained friends for life; his life was cut short as he
died four yrs ago from colon cancer. he was deeply spiritual person full of grace & compassion. he helped many people during his life just by being a good listener. i was devastated when i learned that he was dying. he didn't tell me until he was absolutely sure that there was no other recourse. he knew me well; regrets flowed like a river. why hadn't i allowed him to be "the one" in my life? so much of what happened between us no one could ever measure; true friendship & acceptance. a love that time could not steal away. each day i wake up & give thanks that i had had such a wonderful person in my life; he paved the way for my heart to open to others. this was his gift of life to me. for this i am ever thankful!

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