Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kudos to my SP- Abby!

On Friday I went to my mailbox and there was something
from my SP. As I opened the box I started giggling as
I so love all things Hello Kitty and Abby gifted some
awesome stuff. I so love the fiber; corn and the color-
Divine Wine. I've already taken the skeins apart and balled
them up for some fingerless gloves. I also loved the mini
of the Trivi Fountain. It is so cool to look inside and see
a 3D mini of one of the world's most popular places in Rome.
I remember a movie when I was a child called "Three Coins
In the Fountain". I hope to see Italy one day, Abby. My
sister went this Summer about the same time you were there.
Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifties and for all
the work you took in putting my package together. Sooo-oooo
Loved it All!! I plan on making both the Fudgy Brownies and
the Cocoa Mix. Ciao Bella!

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