Monday, June 15, 2009

Finished Pirate Top & wip Wash cloth fav

Still need to block Pirate Top and love the colors on the Mason Dixon Wash
Cloth. I have made so many without taking pics that now I wished I had kept
up with how many have been whisked off the needles and straight to someone
else. My container garden this year is limited to poppies and sunflowers, stargazers and geraniums, lettuce riot, basil rosemary, mint and thai basil, columbine and
dahilias. Very late start for the Hollyhock babies hope they have strong roots
so that next Summer they'll bloom.Hope to get tomato starts this weekend. I want
some local heirlooms and have the seeds. It had been unusaly cold this last Winter.
Spring sort of rushed through and left quickly and Summer slowllly crawled out
not too soon. It hasn't rained in 25 days. TeeHee on the needles sooonnnn...
The Pirate Panda given to me by a real cool, local gal from Fairhaven knit
group. I love her, she's a kind & giving soul; she loves to knit like crazy.

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