Sunday, August 23, 2009

Amy Butler and Travel

I am being laid off and of course it's nothing personal however, I would like
to thank the Universe for freeing me and my soul! Yea! I've worked since I was
15- I am now 52 and I've never collected unemployment; now's the time. It had
been sketchy at work at best; so many people afraid of what was coming and not
preparing themselves. Not me. I sat down and looked on-line for jobs that I don't
need to sell my soul for- also, am glad to have some creative time, finally!
Who says that the Universe doesn't give us what we want has never seriously tried
to be optimistic when a so-called crises arrives at their door. On a more important
note! Amy Butler, she's a go-getter with lots of great ideas. Here's a pattern
that reminds me of the halters I used to make in High School. Last but not Least--
Annie is going to a Tuscan tour in Italy. I would so love to go!

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