Thursday, August 06, 2009

Royal Mail from my SP!

Hail! to my wonderful and very generous SP- you ROCK! I love the purple mohair
and I plan on making something for me and only me with it. I love the cotton
in a heather; those lovely skeins of soft cotton will be great for a few of
my favorite Mason Dixon Washcloths. I adore the little journal in Mulberry
it has the creamiest colored card stock great for mini drawings or watercolors.
I love the bright colored pen and the chocolate was to die for-- I love the little
"Do not Disturb" sign for chocolate indulgence; it came with a beautiful creamy
bar of white & dark chocolate with little hints of raspberry and a Lindt bar
with orange zest and little slivers of almonds. SP you know how to spoil a
girl!;0) Thank you so much, I know time is so precious these days and the little
blue mohair ribbon you knit is sweet; I plan on pulling up my tresses with it.
You have a wonderful and fun weekend SP and know that you are appreciated.

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Yarn It said...

Very nice package from your SP!