Friday, July 15, 2005

today's lesson

the color for today is orange. healing, radiating energy, liquid sunshine. a friend has injured himself. his family stands by him and his friends show their love and support. however, if he can not start to love and honor himself no one can help him. i hope he decides to see and love himself. yesterday, i honored my knitting passion with an assortment of yarns from my LYS. it was tough decision deciding which color combos to try. i consoled myself by buying my 1st choice and i realize the others will be another day. i hope to have enough projects to mail to the Dulaan Project it is a cooperative effort to inspire knitters to generously support out monogolian friends with knitted items fro brutal winter conditions. if interested in finding out more going to a harry potter midnight release party- part of my job. it's going to be fun entertaining a wide range of kids and personalities. hopefully, the giveaways will be exciting for them.

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