Sunday, July 17, 2005

winged heart

why did i choose winged heart? i have a tattoo of a winged heart and i chose it as it comes from a sufi tenant: "only the winged heart can fly." i recently found out that nicky hilton has the same tatt on her wrist. i wonder if she chose it as spiritual lift off? love these new tea gadgets that offer tea-time as play time. nothing better than sitting on the porch surrounded by flowers, shade and a cuppa tea. my son called from maui as he struggles to keep his landscape business afloat he manages to take my granddaughter camping, swimming, surfing and just in general having fun.
working on a multi-colored bag in shades of pinks, purple and burgundy. can't wait to finish it so i can start something new!

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Anonymous said...

Do you have a picture of your tattoo that you could post for all to see? I am thinking of getting one and would like to see some examples. Thanks