Wednesday, October 12, 2005

goodies from hong kong

bought some great stuff on ebay that was hello kitty awesome. seems to be that night time isn't good for showing off my hello kitty ring watch so i will try to get better photos for it is so cute. my coin purse is a collector's item not offered in the USA, so i am happy to put my coins in it for prosperity. they even
sent free hello kitty stickers. body shop is trying to entice me into spending mula with some great coupons. which is the perfect solution for the gurls on my list for holiday gifts. and if life wasn't sweet enough we have treats out at work & i am happy to accent my daily duties with a little chocolate. tonite is sex & the city; 3 in a row and i am estatic! a little knitting to end the nite; what a great day:)

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