Wednesday, August 23, 2006

too much time on my hands

since i've discovered how to knit i have pretty well neglected other areas of
creativity and interests. however, i am gleeful some things that are coming
up as part of my job that are fun! one of them is
if you love reading and books this a great way to store and share those books
you really treasure. most of all it is free~! it is practically fool proof so you
don't need html knowledge. the other keen information that i will be exploring
will be new technologies via a WALE convention. washington association of
library education has the best mini tutorials and the conference is generally
a good place to meet fellow bibliophiles. on a personal note i find that i really
need to get out and meet some flesh and blood people as it is too easy for me
to just chill alone at home. soon i will be the big 5-0; this is definitely something
worth celebrating as half a century is way longer than what i thought i would ever
survive. still working on getting some photos posted of my fo's.

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