Saturday, September 16, 2006

this is how i should start my day

have no idea how i got this photo but, hey! it's my first in so long that i'll take the darn thing. miracles, miracles everywhere. two magnolia trees on either side of the ywca have decided to bloom; it's mid-september. saw a horse & carriage going down the guide meridian; you know, the kind you see in central park, new york. had no
idea that we had that here. watched akeelah and the bee; reminded me of how i loved words as a kid. being bi-lingual helped me in spelling and i was darn good. even did a spelling bee through school. have been knitting like crazy, a red woolie hat, a green basket weave scarf, and now a shop on blossom street sailboat blanket in baby blue. still am not able to download photos; but, soon! real soon. love life i am staying in touch with those who can tolerate my zaniness the most!

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