Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sp Love your Sense of Fantastic

I took the beautiful Bamboo that my SP sent and converted in a ball and as
I check out the color lot I see that my SP has not missed a thing as the
color is called "Sagittarius" as you can see it is definitely hot, Fall colors
so I quickly checked the second skein of blue and you'll not quess which
Zodiac sign it is. Aquarius! I am definitely a Saggitarius and my rising
sign is Aquarius.
Since I will be having some immense down time
until after the New Year when I start school I've decided to teach myself
to juggle. In the pic with the Sag skein are 3 juggler's balls. It looks so-o
easy but it's not all it seems. There is a method to the keeping all 3 balls
in the air at one time. Looking forward to accomplishing this. We have a local
circus act that has fire jugglers, sword swallowers and trapeze artists!
I have wanted to go to their Saggitarius party this year and watch all the
things that made me so happy as a kid; the circus.

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