Friday, March 12, 2010

Biology 101 and turning 7!

I fell in love with this amazing life like pattern and made it for my grandson's
7th birthday. He's a boys boy and loves reptiles, spiders, and anything creepy
crawly. When he was a baby we nicknamed him Jaiden-bug. He was very alert; he'd
point out every bug within eyesight and squeal,"BUG!" like it was ice cream and
cake! So cute. He's now 7 and very smart. I can no longer spell words in front of
him-- he spells really well. His paternal grandmother taught him how to play chess
at age 3. He can be a formidable player. This is tribute to his spirit and curiosity
Today is my mom's 75th Birthday. I sent her some orchids and had thought to send
chocolate covered strawberries but instead she ended up two orchids and next week
the floral company will send her 1/2 dozen strawberries for free; how sweet!!
A tribute to her spirit also; strong, fierce and indepedent. She has lived through
some major landmark history and is all the better human for it. I love her so much.

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