Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coffe and Tea by Elizabeth Evans

Double knitting-- what can I say; it's interesting and you can not have too
much going on at the same time. Let's see two colors- not bad, two different
stitches, ok- and a chart that has you switch stitches and colors when you
least expect it! Love this technique. More, Please! :) I plan on making a
plethora of mats, pot holders and towels to go along with the Ballband Wash
Cloths. Working and being unemployed is also a challenge. Still looking for
more work and waiting to go back to school> My life is full. Bought a new
bed. The old one was a nightmare; coils springing out for the attack, the
side permanently mangled to limp with you on the floor. Spring!! Time to plant
everything. Starting pot containers this weekend. Also on the agenda: date time
for me and BF. We are going to see Sherlock Holmes 1st and then Alice in Wonderland
this weekend.

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