Thursday, September 15, 2005

all good things..

come to those who wait...
i've like that saying, it gives me great motivation to be comfortably idle.
it works along with focus and doing my best every moment of everyday.
my jewelry's been consigned at a beautiful boutique downton and i've admired this store for so
long... i am in complete awe. it's like walking into a french domicile with lanterns lit and warm
colors to embrace you as you walk along the aisle each a vignette attribute of provencal. it so great to have people who are willing to support creativity. i am blessed.


Suzanne said...

What store???? Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just so cool. You have to share so we can all go downtown and ooh and ahh!

winged heart said...

the store is landlubber mercantile on cornwall. thanks! :)