Saturday, September 17, 2005

what a great idea!

this by far the greatest way to meet and share ideas and gifties. but, that is not all- i think that i learn more by checking out other knitting blogs and i also get a few chuckles since most people who blog are naturally able to reach out with a look at their "slice of life." my other obsession-reading. i now have another outlet to go beyond my normal genre of reading by joining knit the classics. it's fun to share ideas about what is being read as a group and everyone can get it done at their own pace. on another note, i miss my camera and have borrowed an older digital. i have to have images with the blog! otherwise, it seems dry and dull. received my first invoice on my consignment-yahoo! i even ventured into the boutique today and voila- there sat my bracelets and the necklaces were in a locked glass cabinet... ;) life is good.

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