Monday, October 03, 2005

hurrah for mohair!

started a lacy shawl with the mohair that my secret pal sent. it is divine to knit with. i've not used this type of fiber before and had felt a little intimidated. however, it is so easy to knit with and soft. it;'s going to be a pleasure to finish it and wear it. i know you can't see the lace affect; as soon as i figure out all the functions of my new camera the photos of my shawl will do the fiber justice. today, is a big day! i go for an interview for a most wanted job and not just by me. the competition is pretty tough. i plan on doing alot of deep breathing :) and some singing before i get there.

1 comment:

"Peanut" said...

Wow. Now that is some gorgeous yarn!
Good luck on your job interview!!!!!!
Heh, I sing when I'm nervous, too...